A roof that survives in the worst weather

Design and diversity

TwinTile roofing and facade elements allow architects many creative options in cladding design making their customers wildest dreams a reality. The unique installation process allows water-tight roof tiling, even on low-inclined roofs (up to 15°), which is considerably less than with standard roof tiles. Together with facade elements, the roof tiles create a comprehensive system that enables diverse and aesthetically pleasing combinations.


TwinTile is significantly lighter than standard concrete or clay roof tiles, thus lowering the load on the roofing construction. With the lighter TwinTile roof tiles, any roof construction or renovation process is made easier and completed quicker. Renovating existing subconstructions is also easier due to the lighter weight, as it requires no adapting or reinforcing of the subconstruction.


TwinTile products are made with a powder coating technology following the roof tile shaping phase, which prevents micro-cracks that may occur when bending steel roof tiles that are coated before shaping. An 80-micron polyester powder coating, heated to high temperature, gives the TwinTile roof tiles a critical advantage over standard panels that are pre-coated with a significantly thinner 20-30 micron coating layer.

The coating of TwinTile roof tiles and facade elements is a line of Super Durable Powder Coatings formulated to meet the highest requirements of most comonly used standards AMMA 2604 (The American Architectural Manufactuirer’s Assosiation) and Qualicoat (Class 2 - Category 3 approved). TwinTile powders are extremely resistance to all weather conditions. They have excellent humidity resistance and provide outstanding corrosion protection and UV durability.

Sound insulation

TWIN ACOUSTIC and QUBE ACOUSTIC roof tiles are notably quieter than standard steel and aluminium roof tiles. Thanks to their innovative construction, including a sound-insulating layer, exterior noises caused by rain or hail are more efficiently suppressed. Modern technology integrated in a modern roof tile.


With its cutting-edge technology and refined design, TwinTile offers excellent roofing and facade solutions for your home. Strong Aluzinc® steel of up to 0.6 mm in thickness makes the tiles resistant to any physical damage and provides excellent protection against weather conditions. Strict quality control in the production process and more than 60 years of global experience are a guarantee of quality. TwinTile is the only right answer when durable and elegant cladding with no maintenance is needed.

Possibility of mounting on an easily supporting structure

It is also easier to carry out a renovation on an already existing substructure, which does not need to be upgraded or strengthened due to the smaller weight of the roof tiles.

Surface resistance and UV resistance

Surface coating of twintile tiles and façade elements is also resistant to UV irritation, which ensures exceptional properties during the whole lifespan.

Lightweight and easy installation

All TWINTILE products are lightweight and designed for easy and precise installation.
Thanks to its light weight, TWINTTILE products are easily transported also to more remote construction sites and will save you time and money for installation.

30 years warranty

The strong Aluzinc® steel up to a thickness of 0.6 mm provides resistance to mechanical damage and excellent weather resistance. Strict quality control in production and more than 60 years of experience around the world are a guarantee of quality.

Suitable for low inclination of 15 °

The unique way of fixing enables waterproofing of roof tiles even on roofs with very low slopes (up to 15 °), which is significantly less than with traditional roof tiles.

Aesthetic and elegant design

Roofing and facade twintile systems allow the architect many expressive possibilities in the design of the building envelope.